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Cloud first is today's maxim, but how do you get  onto the cloud?  Will it deliver what you need

Answers and Solutions consulting bring together the integration, developer input, system hosting and related service wraps necessary to successfully launch in the cloud.


Our Services

The Services that Answers and Solutions provide, as detailed below are the result of many years of system evaluation and integrations

Cloud Solutions

All Cloud solutions are built from reusable code, the trick isn't code reuse but knowing which code to reuse.  Reassembling the code into a poor quality, easily compromised system, is easy. Building secure and reliable applications requires decade long investments.

Managed IT Services

At Answers and Solutions we provide Managed IT services. What do we mean by this? A typical end solution utilises input from 50 to 100 suppliers. Integrating these is undertaken at multiple levels. A managed services provider undertakes the integration work, orchestrating different suppliers, their services and products and their integration into a finished solution. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. This is done by providing the technical oversight and Project Management required


In 2011 Sony's PS website was hacked, exposing 77 million accounts.  They were offline for 23 days. 10 years on and its still quotable.


The reputational damage to the firm of solicitor's who were hacked years ago is greater that the fine levied.

Understanding the data controller and Data processor responsibilities is important

PenTest and Security

This complements the GDPR responsibilities you have. PenTesting helps you to ensure that poorly written and maintained websites / Cloud apps are either disbanded or fixed before a GDPR incident arises.


The hosting aspect of a Cloud solution is important. Where does your data live? If you are using a subscription service, will you be able to access it if you leave?  We encourage people to take ownership and control by ensuring they own enduing licenses, retain ownership of their data.

Project Management

Good project management is frequently the difference between success and failure. What are the outside factors preventing progress? Who are the difficult stakeholders? How can they be managed?

Agile or Waterfall?  the difference is important.