IT Services

At Answers and Solutions we provide Managed IT services. What do we mean by this? A typical end result will need the input from 50 to 100 suppliers. A developer will consolidate a few into their service, likewise for networking, hosting and pen-testing.  Successful consultancy requires knowledge in most of these areas and the ability to bring together and own the solution drawing on multiple suppliers. Knowing that one will go onto to provide support gives a strong incentive to make sure everything works and is reliable.

Your final solution will require the input of a cloud developer. This will be using a database, so data-basing skills are required. Next, to meet your GDPR legal obligations as a data controller you might like to know how secure your system is.

Using an analogy to describe the security seismic shift, in the "Olden Days" security meant locking up when everyone went home. The infamous 2011 Hack at Sony took them offline for 23 days after exposing 77million people's credentials. Preventing that requires well designed and mature system, checking that you are operating such a system is the role of PenTesting.


Fines for data-breaches are huge. Making applications secure is important, testing even more so. Data theft and resale is one risk, another is changing prices in an online store. All of this is possible using injection techniques and the logon box of a poorly designed system.