Why Consult with Answers and Solutions?

Reason 1.

Integrity. Some consultants approach to consultancy is simply based on bluff. Consultancy is made easy by telling the customer only what they want to hear.  The "road less travelled" is the one of the difficult answer.  Facing the fact that a particular course of action may not even work is never easy, but far preferable to facing the music if the solution falls flat on its face the day you go live.

Reason 2.

Integrity. Sometimes a sound answer will require some research, or might have a qualification.
As often as not the answers provided by those practicing consultancy by bluff will use the simplistic super-confident approach; as taken by many consultants, and they are just plain wrong.  We provide solid well researched answers with options and recommendations.  Where necessary, rather than invent answers we engage with our deep subject specialists. When asked, we will always ready to give reasons, and the likely consequences arising from those choices.

Reason 3.

Integrity. How can one tell? Simply ways to uncover an approach are always useful. Research a question of your own, something slightly of-topic and find the correct answer.  Then, proposing an incorrect premise, and ask if the prospective adviser agrees with the wrong answer to your question. For example, just say that "you've heard that xyz would be a good approach to problem 123".  If the prospective consultant agrees with you, you'll know which type of consultant they are.