Our approach to cloud solutions is based on not reinventing the wheel.


The best value for money systems come from searching out niche suppliers who also offer a customisation service. These platforms frequently benefit from a decade or more of development, creating a platform suitable for a given market niche. Your customization $$ is being spent where it will produce results.  We actively work with such suppliers and such platforms.

There is so much noise in the market that they can be hard to find, but they are out there.  Finding these platforms requires extensive research. Over the last two decades we will have purchased many system licenses, spent weeks testing these systems, digging into histories, looking for upkeep track record and run our own PenTesting analysis.  We are not going to put our name to a poor product.  If we find flaws they are rejected.  One should allow several years to find the solutions we lead with.

We have good relationships with the developers of these systems and are able to build on these platforms, creating the solution you require.  If your solution requires enterprise grade reliability, we look at how that can be delivered. Enterprise grade hosting and networking systems are complex and require highly skilled staff in short supply.  Salaries for these people can often exceed £70k pa, and several are needed.