Project Management

Although system specifications cannot be produced without an agreed set of requirements, many organisations launch headlong into the development of complex IT systems without one. Who signed of on those requirements? Who is accountable for that, how do we know that the system being commissioned is a system capable of delivering the boards aspirations?


These are part of the Project Management function, ensuring that the specialists have been correctly briefed, making sure that software engineering constraints are fed back to those same stakeholders and commissioned undertakings produce acceptable solutions in acceptable timeframes and to budget.

There are many tools used within the profession, from Agile thru Waterfall governance. What features are necessary to form the Minimum Viable Solution? Numerous problem definition tools exist and are used to agree what success looks like.

Answers and Solutions have been providing a contract Project Management services for over a decade and use these techniques when pulling in external software systems that become part of any solutions being offered to our clients. In Short, Project Management is far more than simply scheduling, a misconception held by many.